How to Cat Proof Your Furniture

If you are taking care of an animal such as a cat, you will have experienced the ways that they can mess up a house pretty quickly. Not only do they do it the instant you leave them home, but they do it in the worst way possible, by taking down upholstery, scratching your wooden furniture, ripping apart leather couches, and a lot more that you would know if you have experienced this issue.

It is cute and manageable in the beginning when they are small, but when they start growing and get accustomed to your schedule and your house, they will start ruining your furniture and home in a way that isn’t easily fixed. You can get training to fix their biting habits, but it is almost impossible to permanently fix their scratching habits, as it is part of their daily routine to use their claws to scratch something like we may sometimes scratch our heads sometimes to get the itch out.

Solutions To Common Problems

Below, we will show you some homemade solutions to common problems that occurs in homes while you may be away. These can be done with simple household materials with a few requiring materials that can be bought in most big stores. Some ideas were given by CatLitterExpert, as they know a thing or two about how cats act and what you can do to solve those problems.

  1. Rugs – Rugs aren’t something that a cat or pet may destroy, but there are still some difficulties that home owners may experience. One example is the rug looking dirty due to the dirt that may come out from the fur of the animal which is sometimes hard to spot until it becomes permanent. One easy solution to this problem is to use a dark rug instead of a bright one, so that if there is something small that you can’t remove, you won’t be able to see it due to the rug being dark. Another problem that occurs with rugs and pets is that for the type of rugs that are long, cats may get their claws hooked in the rug. To fix this issue, we recommend that you use a flat rug, so that they don’t get hooked on a strand and possibly injure themselves.
  2. Upholstery – Cats love taking down these because they hang in the air and are also a vertical object. They love jumping and sliding down which ruins your upholstery and makes it look damaged. A solution to this is to use velvet instead, since it isn’t a looped thread, so that cats can’t jump and slide down it and mess up the threads.
  3. Scratch Toys – A creative solution to turning your boring house essential into something your pet can enjoy is to surround a pipe around your house that is circular with sisal rope, so instead of scratching your valued furniture, it can scratch rope that is meant to be scratched, so that you can save money in repairing your damaged furniture.
  4. Personal Objects – Most often, you may lose your car keys or have your photo album scratched and this may be caused by your pet. A solution to this is to store your personal valuables in closed drawers, as they cannot open them unless it is made to be opened by a pet. Using this method, you can save all your valuables from your pet, so that they won’t take it away from you.
  5. OPTIONAL – You can sew a piece of velvet fabric onto the spot on your couch that your pet usually sits on, so that they can scratch and rough the location all they want without damaging the couch itself. This is a good idea if you are interested in having your pet sit on the couch without it destroying it.