Pine Coffee Table

One of the most popular woods for furniture is pine. It looks great and matches most other woods when it comes to mixing and matching your living room. When deciding on a coffee table one of the first choices to make is the construction material. An addition of a pine coffee table will bring a neutral color into your family room that will consistently look great. It’s such a good fit that it will harmonize with most wall and paint colors as well. Choosing to go with a pine table creates an easy decorating solution for your home.

Not only does it look great but it’s also great on the bank. When you’ve decided on a budget you’ll find that pine furniture is very cheap in comparison with other woods. Saving money on the material lets you get more intricate and exquisite pieces for the same price if you used different woods. This is because the cheaper materials allow for a splurge when it comes to design and craftsmanship.

Pine End Table

Definitely do not assume that cheap means shoddy. Pine wood is cheap because is a common wood, but it is extremely sturdy and solid. Getting a side table or coffee table made of solid pine will be one of the highest quality furniture purchases you can make. However, there are some downsides to pine. When it comes to solid pieces made from this wood, you’ll find it’s a much softer wood compared to other alternatives. Pine coffee tables will tend to dent and scratch easier than other more dense woods like oak. It’s also a more porous wood and will tend to stain and absorb spills more readily.

If you’re wanting a more decorative or elaborate coffee table for a cheaper price you’ll definitely want to look at pine tables. If you’re looking for a mid range table, this is a great material to check out. It’s a good compromise between price and quality. It definitely outpaces plywood and cheaper construction tables and will be much more durable. It won’t break the bank like a hardwood. However if you want even higher quality check out a hardwood variant for sure. My suggestion is to look into oak construction if you’re looking for a more expensive and higher quality option.