Walnut TV Stand Options

Like it or not, in today’s modern living room the TV is the center point of focus for entertainment. Nothing adds style and elegance to your living room interior design like a contemporary walnut TV stand. The dark walnut wood gives off an upper class vibe while matching with most furniture styles. Creating a high quality theme that matches with any living room. Mixing form and function there are many walnut TV stand models available that work with any TV. All while providing excellent storage solutions and bold designs worthy of being front stage in any den or entertainment room.

Walnut TV Stand Options

Not only do these furniture pieces look elegant but they also provide solutions for managing cables, housing electronics, and storing media. Finding the right stand definitely takes some research. You need to find a walnut tv stand with a matching style that also fully accommodates your needs. Whether that be in storage capability or in dimensions. Here are some options available with raving critical reviews of happy home owners who bought furniture online.

ioHOMES Kirry Multi-Storage TV Stand, Walnut

For larger TVs you’ll want to opt in for longer models like this beauty. This 70 inch model provides ample storage space and room for everything to cleanly be stored away and looks amazing and will be a great option for any modern design philosophy. It has four open shelves for showing off your prized possessions and offers the perfect location for remote controlled electronics like DVD players and PVRs. If you want stuff out of sight and out of mind this stand has two large gliding drawer storage containers. This unit comes in either walnut or beech finishes.

TV Stand

Owners of the Kirry Multi-storage Walnut TV stand constantly talk about it’s superb quality and sturdy construction. It’s proportions are amazing and fits together and has uniform construction. The sliding drawers open so smooth they practically glide. It comes manufactured with cable holes in the back that are large and generous for many cables so you won’t be limited in this sense. The designers put a lot of love and work into making a fully functional and beautiful tv stand. You can find pictures of this TV stand in action, as well as loads of happy reviews here.

media standsAcadian TV Media Stand

For a more traditional cabinet style stand you may want to opt for this Dark Tobacco solid pine model. This outstandingly esquisite collection of stands comes with three possible models. Tall, wide and low, there’s something for any living room looking for a dark walnut tv stand. Handcrafted with intricate dedication to design detals this media stand collection stands out among the competition. In the image to the right you can see all the possible design options available to buyers. Two models have glass doors while the third has a closed off door design to manage storage.

Pine TV StandThese media stands are much more focused for TVs smaller than 60 inches, but the versatility provided by the different real wood styles allows for them to work so well and add character to any home. They come with pre-drilled holes for cabling and an adjustable shelf. They are definitely built with the consumer in mind. Check out all the styles and dimensions to see if it will work in your living room. You need to assemble the piece but it’s well worth the effort to bring character and the perfect companion to your room.


Altra Galaxy Walnut Stand with Mount

Low TV MountThe past few options are focused on adding a larger furniture piece to your living room. But if you want a space saving media stand there are still many options available if you are looking for dark wood. Save your wall and your money with this walnut tv mount stand. When it comes to a smaller footprint this high quality small footprint model accommodates TVs up to 50 inches and 70 lbs. You won’t even lose too much storage space as the unit still has two shelves for your entertainment components.


Customers looking for the perfect lower stand have found that this more than does the job and provides a sleek style. It works well in for dorm rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. It has a surprising amount of features and definitely is a good buy. The two shelves are made of glass and wood and the mount raises the television to around lounging eye level at 2 feet off the ground.  Don’t let this small size fool you it’s incredibly sturdy and the price can’t be beat.

Modern TV Units – Not Just Standalone

The above walnut TV stands aren’t just standalone units. Be sure to check out their pages if you like the style because the companies have created entire living room sets to match the style and create the perfect home design solutions. The sheer number of styles available online make it difficult to pick and choose the best as it’s all subjective, but if you’ll take a look you’ll definitely be able to find whatever modern TV unit you’re looking for. Thanks for taking the time to read the article!

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