Gotham Steel Pan Review


Introduction to the Gotham Steel Brand

Gotham Steel is an infomercial cookware company that deals with making nonstick pots and pans. It took the world by storm with its mid afternoon commercials making all kinds of large claims about the quality and effectiveness of its stove top line. This review goes in-depth on everything you need to know if you think you want to buy Gotham steel pans.

This review will go through the quality, the claims, limitations and the various products provided by Gotham Steel. Before you want to spend money on a company you want to make sure that you’re not going to get scammed. I took the plunge and picked up the products to do a full analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and see what the can do and what’s just TV magic. A quick summary would be: All of these are legitimate cookware options, but special considerations need to be made to correctly use them.

Gotham Steel

Gotham Steel Review of Cookware

The company provides many different products for different needs when it comes to cooking. They make a lot of bold claims that you’d expect from an infomercial. Mostly about the titanium ceramic non stick cooking surface that the pans have. I can say without a doubt that the non stick claims are totally true. The only issue is the pans seem to lose this property if you heat them up too much. The temperature limits of most models are around 450F-500F. If you respect them and take care of them these are some of the most amazing non stick cookware pans I’ve ever come across. That said, I did find one dud I won’t recommend (Double Grill).

After checking some reviews of other consumers, I’ve found that the company has worse customer service on an individual level. If I were going to purchase a Gotham Steel pan Amazon would be my choice of where to buy it. This is because customer service through amazon was much more reliable. People even said that ordering from Gotham’s main site sometimes lead to their pan not being delivered. Skip that hassle and go through Amazon.

When buying items from this company the most important advice that I can give you is to read and follow the instructions. Don’t just take your pan or pot and start cooking or you may mess it up and make it worthless. Some need to be seasoned; some aren’t dishwasher safe and the temperature limits are in there. People who follow the instructions swear by this cookware while people who didn’t are complaining about it being an ‘as seen on TV” scam. 

There’s a lot of available models, but all of them are intended for stove top use. The most notable model is the company’s titanium frying pan. Which seems to be their base flagship model, which is used as a gateway for more extravagant up-sells. From there we have Gotham Steel deep frying pans (with a frying basket), grill pans, griddles, saucepans and stock pots. Additionally, the company sells a 10 piece cookware set. The table below will show you their various options. I put in whether I recommend the piece, but you should definitely check the item’s review below. 

Gotham Steel Frying Pan Review

Seeing as this is the product that the company most heavily advertises I figured I’d start with this review. People are weary when they see an infomercial and want to know if they’re going to get a good product. I picked up the whole set but the steel frying pan is definitely the most versatile piece.

This is a titanium ceramic pan made with a special compound (their Ti Cerama compound). However, the base is mostly made of aluminum. Titanium itself isn’t as effective as a cooking metal because it takes a lot of energy to heat up the pan, so most of the heating will come from the aluminium. In other words on the surface it uses the Titanium/Ceramic to create the strong nonstick surface, but the pan itself behaves like an aluminium pan. When making your purchasing decision you should realize this isn’t a titanium frying pan as seen on TV. The pan itself is basically a nonstick aluminium.

gotham steel frying panSo the major selling point is the nonstick nature of the frying pan itself. Does the non stick work? It does. Exceptionally well. If you listen. You see the technology itself seems to be heat sensitive, which means it stops working correctly if you bring the temperature too high. If you run the temperature of the pan too high you’ll break it. Without this information many consumers who purchased the frying pan quickly turned it into a regular pan. Keep this in mind during this Gotham Steel review.

The pan itself has a very high heat transfer due to its construction, so even low heat settings on your stove will cook very well. This frying pan works at lower temperatures, and should be used on these lower temperatures. It’s more efficient than normal traditional pans. Meaning you won’t need to go above medium heat.

Do not use oil with this pan. No sprays. No butter. It’s intended to be fully oil free. That said an interesting thing happened when I tried cooking with the pan, my normal cues from the sizzling and popping of grease were absent. So I had no idea if it was ready for the food. This definitely could have lead to more people pumping up the heat to high and inadvertently ruining the pan’s nonstick nature.

Even at low-medium heat food cooks way faster than I’m used to and I quickly found that I needed to attend the stove a lot more to make sure I didn’t overcook anything. It did an amazing job with eggs, bacon and sausages.

Now that the important advisements are out of the way. The pan was easily cleaned. Once it cooled everything came off with soap and water. But I even did some tests where I had some grease on it overnight and came back with a damp paper towel and everything came off immediately. Extremely fast cleanup. It’s legitimately nonstick. That said, you have to use it right.

So don’t go over medium heat.

I cooked some eggs on high. and after three uses the pan lost its stick free properties. I tested three pans (Of different sizes) and the only commonality was the high heat tests in uses before ruining it. The pan I never cooked above medium heat never lost its stick free coating’s power.
The bottom line is this is a really good pan for its price. It’s very effective and works wonders. But you must use it right. Otherwise you’ll end up wasting your money.

  • Don’t Use Over Medium Heat (or you’ll ruin the nonstick coating)
  • Don’t Use Oil or Grease
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Does not work on Induction stove tops
  • The Nonstick Coating absolutely works extremely well
  • Cooks very fast, must attend food or you’ll burn it.

Gotham Steel Deepsquare Frying Pan Review

This is Gotham steels deep frying option. Want to make fries, or pub style chicken wings? This is the option for you. It also comes with a steamer addition so you can cook vegetables. It’s made with the same material as the rest of the Gotham line. Advertised as titanium non stick ceramic cookware it’s actually mostly aluminum with a small ceramic and titanium pan surface. Which is better because it allows for more effective and fast cooking at lower temperatures. This pan (it’s more like a pot) is oven safe up to 500 degrees so it keeps its non stick properties through oven use.

Gotham Deepsquare

This is probably the best item to fully realize how effective the non stick titanium ceramic surface really is. My friend has a deep fryer that always seemed extremely greasy and dirty and never cleaned well so I always avoided getting one. But for this review I decided I wanted to try and deep fry because I’ve never actually done that at home in my kitchen. In this case this is where the nonstick cleaning really shined.
With a bit of soap and water I was able to get the oil out of the pan with no issue at all it cleaned easily and was really simple. In fact it was mindblowingly simple. After doing some more research on amazon (because I want to cover all my bases) I found one buyer that burned some simmering cider in the pan after forgetting it for two hours. It rinse cleaned easily with soap and sponge, which is something I totally believe after cooking and cleaning up with this pan.

With it’s high tolerance to heat this is probably the best product that Gotham Steel produces. But definitely don’t go over the specified heat limits. I didn’t personally do it, but it’s probably similar to the frying pans which I did test in that it will lose its non stick ability.

In general this is an extremely high quality cooking pot that can also be used for deep frying or steaming. It’s got quite the capacity for making sauces and pasta so if I was deciding on a pan with multiple uses I’d definitely go with this one.

The Deepsquare comes with it’s own glass lid. It fits well and can go into the oven as well. The only problem I found with it is that it doesn’t clean as easily as the pan and had to do a bit of a clean up on it after getting some chilli on it.

All in all this is one of the best options available from Gotham Steel. It’s a very high quality nonstick deep pan that allows for really easy cleaning and higher temperature cooks. I highly suggest it. This is the only pan from the line that’s actually able to work with induction stove tops.

  • Works with Induction Stoves
  • One of the top pans from this line
  • Works up to 500F in oven
  • Allows you to deep fry and steam
  • Extremely easy to clean (except for lid)
  • Basically a deep saucepan and very versatile

Gotham Steel Grill Pan Review

The titanic grill pan was probably the one I was most interested to try and test. It’s actually a really cool concept to me. I live in an apartment so I’m not allowed to have a BBQ and I really wanted to see if this pan would give me that experience. This is one of the highest consistently reviewed and one of the best Gotham Steel pans. The other being the Deepsquare. Even though it comes with the “as seen on TV” labelling it’s very high quality.

The pan touts a non stick ceramic titanium surface just like all the other options from the company. The design of the bottom of this pan is ribbed for a “grill-like” frying pattern. This option is extremely effective for grilling cuts of meat and poultry. It works well for chicken and steak and they are properly grilled. It definitely doesn’t work for frying sausages, batters or eggs though. The deep indents of the pan separate the batter into lines or trap the sausage making it difficult to get an even cook. The grill lines cause grease to seperate from the meat in a similar manner allowing for a healthier fry. With that being said it does have a disadvantage that I’ll get to when I talk about the design.

Grill PanThis pan like the deepsquare is able to be put into the oven for baking. However it’s only good up to 450F (which is a step up from the traditional frying pan offered by the company). I didn’t get a chance to test the pan in the oven but I assume it works pretty good. This pan has the same general construction as the frying pan with a mostly aluminum build for high heat transfer and quick cooking at lower stove top temperatures. Unfortunately this means that the grill pan can’t be used with induction stovetops either.

The pan itself has a large cooking surface area at 10×10 inches. It’s the same as the Deepsquare, which means if you purchase both you can use the Deepsquare’s lid on this model. However it doesn’t come with its own lid. The depth of the ridges and sides of the pan are a little too shallow. When I cooked a large amount of bacon I found that the build up of grease started to get to high and I spilled some onto the stove top when I moved the pan. The grease also filled up to the cooking height as the ridges aren’t that deep. I would have liked the sides to be a little deeper but it only showed up when I was cooking a lot. In all honesty emptying the pan would have solved these issues but I was lazy.

As for cleaning, this is exactly the same as the rest. All being some of my best experiences with true non stick pans. It’s almost spooky watching the grease slide off. That said like all non stick grills you need to make sure that you aren’t getting the pan too hot. It maxes out at 450F in the oven so I wouldn’t stray too far into the high range. While not explicitly stated it seems some other reviews state that it’s dishwasher safe. I did not test the limits of this pan like I did with my extra frying pans as I’m quite happy with it and don’t want to lose it.

  • One of the top pans from this line
  • Does not work on induction stoves
  • Capable of up to 450F
  • Grills food with ridges that separate grease for healthy cooks
  • Extremely easy to clean, almost spooky.

Gotham Steel Double Grill Review

The Double grill is slightly different than the other models and products from Gotham Steel. These ones aren’t exactly pans, instead they are placed directly on cooking surfaces to act as an intermediary between your food and your stove or grill. Without a handle you to be careful not to burn yourself on them. They are slightly difficult to maneuver once you’ve started cooking so be sure to place them correctly on the cooking surface and wait till everything has cooled down for clean up. Personally I am not a fan of this model at all.
The Double grill is aptly named because it’s a two in one setup. It’s a flat plate, with one side being a griddle and the other side being a grill top. Both sides are made of the same titanium and ceramic non stick material as the rest of the products offered by Gotham Steel. Though this is slightly different than the company’s pans.
I guess I’ll split this review into two sections. The first one I want to talk about is the grill side. This side is much more effective of the two. The bottom is the flat griddle allowing for maximum heat transfer from the heat source. So if you throw it on a stove top it’s definitely going to cook exactly how you expect it to.
The grill ridges are much deeper than the grill pan reviewed above. It has much of the same strengths and weaknesses as the grill pan. Healthy cooking by draining the grease away from the meat, and creating that psuedo-barbecue grill lines making food look amazing. The sides are even more shallow though, if you cook too long and let too much grease fill it up it will definitely overflow so attention must be paid. If you hit that point you’re going to have a bad time. It’s cumbersome and hot when you need to drain the grease.

gotham steel double grillNow when it comes to griddle side you have a bit of a challenge. With the griddle you have the grill side down, so if you’re using a contact stove like I am you’ll find that it heats the griddle in an uneven manner causing some inconsistencies and hiccups in the cooking. I assume that a flame would be way better (flame cook top or even a barbecue). Also there’s a pitiful grease trap so if you’re doing anything with greasy food, like making bacon you’re going to have a mess on your hands.

The biggest issue the Double Grill has is the same as the frying pan, at a certain heat it loses its non stick properties. This alone wouldn’t be an issue but it has a few design flaws that work against it. The first thing is the dual nature of having both sides being coated with the no stick. It works in other models because the non stick surface is far away from the heat source. But now it’s directly on top of the stove or flame. This means even low temperatures put the effectiveness of the coating at risk. On top of that there are inconsistencies of heat transfer when the grill is down it focuses all the heat on specific points, and these points are exactly where you cook meat on it. So using both sides of the Double grill effectively kills its coating and makes it just a regular aluminum plate.

All in all it’s annoying to work with, is no stick for only a few cooks and becomes a massive hassle. I actually don’t recommend getting this model at all and would opt for the Gotham Steel Grill pan and/or Griddle option. These two both outperform it massively even though you have to buy them separately you’ll thank me later. I’m going to be brutally honest; I threw out this piece.

  • Bad heat transfer
  • Interesting design
  • Easy to clean, until it’s not
  • Cumbersome, difficult to handle

Gotham Steel Griddle Review

The company offers a non stick titanium ceramic pan griddle using the same technology as the rest of the models. Its got a handle and is again mostly made of aluminum which allows for maximum heat transfer while using the ceramic titanium coating to create a strong non stick cooking surface that allows for the use of metal utensils without scratching.

The griddle itself is a pretty large 10×10 inches cooking area. This means if you really wanted you could use the lid that comes with the company’s DeepSquare, however the Griddle doesn’t come with this accessory. A flat design with a mostly flat bottom allows for completely even heat transfer which is a massive step up from the Double Grill’s design flaws. Unfortunately being made of aluminum, this pan does not work with induction stove tops.

gotham steel panAs with all the non stick coatings this one comes with a maximum temperature of 500F, which means it should work with most stove top settings without losing its non stick coating. I definitely wouldn’t go over medium though. But keep in mind like the other pans these guys have an extreme heat transfer so low and medium heat work more efficiently to cook your meals. The company also mentions to not use oils and grease, which removes the auditory crackling to know it’s up to temperature so a little bit of faith is needed. The griddle can be used in the oven.

All in all, just like most of the products from this company, the griddle is durable and extremely non stick. I cooked bacon, pancakes and grilled cheese in this bad boy and everything (including the melted cheese) came right off. As long as you take care of it, it will definitely serve you well.

Honestly one of my biggest pet peeves is getting up early. I am not a morning person. As such breakfast usually feels like a trial I’d rather ignore. Anything that makes my mornings easier is a pleasant surprise. I tried the griddle out to make my breakfast and normally i just throw the pan into the sink to wash it when I get home. If I ever cook at home, which I didn’t. Though due to the pan being non stick, I just decided to give it a try in the morning. It was almost relaxing how quickly and effortlessly it cleaned up. I just washed it off and dried it. Putting it away ready for another day. Now cooking eggs instead of stopping and getting a Sausage Egg Muffin from a fast food joint is the less annoying thing. So I’m eating at home a lot more due to getting these pans as well.

  • Extremely easy clean up
  • Not useable with induction stove top
  • High heat transfer cooks fast
  • Flat cooking surface with even heating

Gotham Steel Saucepan Review

Up until now most of the reviews have been different pan variations. With the saucepan, it’s more of a pot. This is less about meat, eggs and batters and more about sauces, soups and pastas. The saucepan takes another top tier quality spot in the Gotham Steel lineup with the DeepSquare and the Grill Pan. I mean just under 90% of customers gave it a 5 star review on amazon. The pot comes with a handled lid as well.
saucepanThe pot itself has a cooking surface made of the same titanium ceramic (Ti-Cerama) propriety stick proof coating. Unfortunately the pot itself doesn’t work with induction stove tops so you’re out of luck with this option if you use one. The pot is 3 quarts or 2.8 Litres meaning it can hold a large amount of whatever you desire. Again the non stick coating has a temperature limit before it starts to wear down and lose its capabilities. I wouldn’t go to high heat unless I was boiling water (The water absorbs the energy) or cooking a large pot of chilli. However this pot is good up to 500F.

Now most of the time if I’m using a pot I’m cooking Macaroni and cheese or a soup. Maybe I’ll boil some potatoes. I’m not very adventurous with my pots. But if I use a pot I opt for this one now over my traditional regular pot in the kitchen. It’s dishwasher safe but I never actually use the dishwasher because I can just wipe it all out with a cloth and give it a rinse after I’m done making food. Consistent with the rest of the products, the non stick is extremely well designed and very quick to clean and isn’t a hassle at all. Due to the coating you can cook without oils or fats meaning a much healthier cook if you otherwise were going to use them. This pot is very light as well, surprisingly so.

It’s a very good purchase and if you are considering getting a new saucepan for your kitchen I would suggest going with this one. It’s one of the better ones and absolutely worth the money, blowing other “As seen on TV” products out of the water.

  • Extremely easy to clean, wipe, rinse and dry.
  • Quickly cooks most meals and hits boiling sooner than my other pots.
  • Comes with a lid
  • Useable in oven up to 500F
  • Large capacity at 3 Quarts/2.8 Litres
  • High quality and durable
  • Does not work with induction stovetops

Gotham Steel Stock Pot Review

I want to preface this review with the statement, this pot is an absolute beast. The company offers a stock pot. It’s similar in construction to their saucepan. A ceramic titanium no stick cooking surface in an otherwise aluminum pot. At 5 Quarts (4.7 Litres) you can pour a gallon of anything into it and stir it no problem. Other than the size of the pot, it also comes with two smaller side handles while the saucepot has one long handle. Don’t burn yourself, use pot handlers. When you purchase it comes with its own glass lid.
If you’ve read any of the other reviews on this page you’ll find that improper use can kill the non stick coating. When I checked out other customer reviews I found quite a few people did this by accident. This pot is different. Due to its construction it seems to be thick enough that it’s absolutely not a problem. All of the strengths, none of the weaknesses. It heats up quick with an even heat distribution and cleaning it is basically wiping it out with a rag. The company suggests that this pot only goes up to 500F.

The Gotham Steel Stock Pot is quite a large pot so I decided I was going to make some meatballs that were marinated and slow cooked in their honey garlic sauce. I don’t have a slow cooker and I never really wanted to spend money on one. But I found out you can do it with an oven and a large pot. Spoiler alert: I won’t have to buy a slow cooker now.

You don’t need to spend a crazy amount of money on specialized gear. All you have to do is throw the covered pot into the oven, at low heat and check in on it by the end of the day. Then when you get home you have some fall off the bone ribs or some amazing meatballs. You get an easy meal, and the sauce dries onto the pot and spend the next hour cleaning the dried sauce out of the pot.

Gotham Steel Pot

This is pretty much how the experience went. I started the oven in the morning. Slow cooked the meatballs in sauce. After work I got home and had one of the tastiest meals ever. Got extra distracted for the purpose of the test and let the sticky honey garlic sauce harden. At the end of the evening I went to clean the pot.
I did it dry with a table cloth. I wiped around the pot and cleaned it up in maybe 5 seconds. Just swiped the caked on sauce straight into the garbage bin. It took me FIVE SECONDS. Maybe I rinsed the cloth after and did one more wipe. But. This was so easy. Done. This pot’s a beast.

The Stock Pot is probably the closest thing to the infomercial in both non stick cleaning and durability. It lives up to all of the claims and is the king of the Gotham Steel line. If I had to just get one, go with this one.

  • Top tier in quality and non stick design
  • Cleaned out a caked-on mess in FIVE SECONDS with a dry cloth
  • Huge capacity at over a gallon (4.7 Litres)
  • Does not work on an induction stovetop
  • My personal favorite from the Gotham Steel Line

Gotham Steel 10 Piece Frying Pan and Cookware Set Review

This set is the top up-sell of the Gotham Steel brand. It’s a bundle of all their top cookware pieces. Using the same Ti-Cerama coating you can get an entire cookware set. If I was looking for an easy collection without single item purchases this would be my go to just because of the products within the package. Unfortunately when they use the word piece they’re including lids. The set contains:

  • Cooking SetFrying Pan (8.5 Inches)
  • Frying Pan w/ lid (10.25 Inches)
  • Pot w/ lid (1.5 Quart)
  • Pot w/ lid (2.5 Quart)
  • Pot w/ lid (5 Quart)
  • An Aluminum Steamer Insert for the 5 Quart pot

So with this 10 piece set you’re actually only getting 5 pots and pans. I personally did not get this bundle. But you can look above to see my frying pan and pot reviews. These are worthy of your money. They are truly non stick pans but you need to treat them with care when it comes to the temperature. Their 5 quart pot is my favourite item in the Gotham Steel line so you’re getting some really good items.
None of these pots or pans work with induction stove tops. All of them are dishwasher safe. And they’re all good up to 450F for the frying pans and 500F for the pots.

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